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Welcome to the home of the
"100 Lebanese Recipes" apps!
In Beirut, it's Monday 24/9/2012 @ 23:56
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100 Lebanese Recipes

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100 Lebanese Recipes
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100 Libanesische Rezepte
100 Recetas Libanesas
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Welcome to the new blog of LebGuide! Please find below the latest posts, do not hesitate to
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LebGuide's iPhone/iPod Touch app on Lebanese Cuisine

10 days after launch, the 100 Lebanese Recipes app is #1 in the Lifestyle category, #8 in All Genres in Lebanon!

100 Lebanese Recipes by LebGuide     App Store Button

Check it out if you don't already have it:


100 Lebanese Recipes iPhone/iPod Touch app

Check out LebGuide's app and bring the delicious taste and richness of the Lebanese cuisine to your home - enjoy 100 of the finest Lebanese recipes and experience the flavor of the Middle-East.

The huge variety of dishes includes among others traditional salads, starters, meat, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes as well as famous desserts. It will allow you to prepare typical Lebanese menus and surprise your family and friends. All recipes are decorated with high quality pictures to give you an upfront idea of what you are just about to cook.

Main functionalities included in this app:
  • Browse recipes by category and name
  • Check out recipes through overwhelming pictures
  • Search by name, description & ingredients                          
  • Mark and retrieve your favorite dishes                          
  • Calculate and convert different liquid or fixed units                          
  • Browse a wide glossary of cooking terms                       
You can also discover a new recipe every day, shake your device to get a random recipe, share and comment the recipes on Facebook, tell your Twitter network about the recipes you like, recommend the recipes by email to your friends, and last but not least, always access all the content (no internet connection required).

Recipes collection include for example Ahweh, Baklawa, Falafel, Fatayer, Hommos, Kafta, Kebbe, Knefeh , Labneh, Maamoul, Manakish, Rkakat, Samak bi Tahini, Sambousek, Sharab el Wared, Shawarma, Shish Kabab, Shish Taouk, Tabbouleh, Tahini, Taratour… and much more!

Download our app now and become a fan of Lebanese cooking with 100 of the finest recipes!

Check out the 100 recipes you can get in the App and preview some of them @ http://www.lebguide.com/iphone/.

Bon Appetit!   

The LebGuide.com Team

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